Carlos Morales is a former Child Protective Services Investigator, a child rights advocate, and the host of the Truth Over Comfort Podcast. He’s spoken at a host of liberty and family oriented events regarding the dangers of the State, Child Protective Services, and Dogma.His website can be found here buy kamagra with paypal uk

America: The Largest Terrorist State In The World foglietto illustrativo cialis 5 mg

Imagine that you’re in your home with some of your family – recently one of your son’s and a nephew were killed by some uniformed man just up the block, and there’s been a series of bombings recently up the road. Suddenly, someone begins knocking on the door. You remember stories of random men knocking on doors, only to break them open and shoot the individuals inside. So, you grab a kitchen knife. Soon enough, this man kicks open the door, yells in a language that you do not understand, and sticks a gun to your daughters face. You try your best to yell at the men to please take the gun of your daughter’s face, his reaction, due to the fact that you’re holding a butter knife from 15 feet away, is to shoot you in the face. In any world, that would be considered breaking and entering, threatening a small child, and murder – but if you have camo on, that’s considered self-defense and you may even get a metal. Now, though this may seem like an absurd example, I’ve heard this story many times from men and women who joined and served in the army. Only in the most backwards world would a man who murdered 36 people – someone whom I recently spoke to – would they not be considered a serial killer but a hero. The government of today, the government of the past, the government of the future is at its essence a terrorist organization.

Definition of Terrorism

Internationally there is no exact definition of a terrorist organization, which makes it all the more interesting when the government states that they’re going to war with the idea of terror, a war on a noun. I believe the reason for no stable definition is that it’s nearly impossible to define without also including government. Common definitions of terrorism refer only to those violent acts that are intended to create fear (terror); are perpetrated for a religious, political, or ideological goal; and deliberately target or disregard the safety of non-combatants. precisa de receita medica para comprar viagra

The War on Drugs as a Terrorist Act
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Let’s break down the war on drugs by sticking it into a micro population. There’s this guy named Dave, now Dave doesn’t like the fact that his neighbor Jim smokes a plant in his home. Jim never messes with Dave, he doesn’t attempt to assault Dave and he doesn’t steal from Dave, but Dave just doesn’t like that plant usage. Now, Dave himself is constantly consuming a liquid which is more toxic and dangerous than Jim by a long shot, but Dave doesn’t see an issue with it. So in order to punish Jim he needs some money, so he goes to his neighbor Keith’s house. Now Keith doesn’t want to give Dave Money to hurt Jim, so Dave gets one of his friends to steal Keith’s money and then throws Keith in Dave’s basement for 6 months, where he is left malnourished, and beaten by some other guy that’s in Dave’s Basement. With the stolen money of Keith, Dave pays someone else to breakdown Jim’s door, shoots Jim’s dog, steals Jim’s money, and then throws Jim in the basement as well. That’s the war on drugs in a nutshell, except it’s more expensive and has led to 250,000 people in jail just right now. So let’s look at that definition of terrorism, first fear – well you pay taxes out of the fear of losing your freedom – that fear is backed by an ideological and political goal, and it harms non-violent individuals. It’s terrorism.

The Terrorist War In Iraq

Within our present war against terror, the term enemy combatant is thrown around whenever an innocent individuals is murdered.  Take a look at what the government considers enemy combatants. You live in a world, say Iraq, where 1.5 million of your countrymen have been murdered by the US government, so you decide to finally protect yourself. That makes you a terrorist. Looking at the facts regarding the Iraq war, it’s quite easy to find the actual truth. Economically within the United States: The Democrats on the Joint Economic Committee estimated a $3.5 trillion cost through 2017, and state that the war will cost the average U.S. family $46,400. Per person, the total cost, given these estimates, would be $11,627. Before the invasion, Bush stated that the war would cost 50-60 billion dollars which would be recovered in oil revenue.  Contextually, in 2012 10.5 billion dollars were spent per month in  just on the U.S Military, which doesn’t include the “repair” of the places the Military bombed. That’s the US Economic Cost: Now physically there are 18 suicides a day by US troops, and 320,000 US vets have brain injuries. Now in Iraq, there are 2.8 million Iraqis displaced, which is 1 in 10.  80 percent of those displaced are women and young children. The odd that the father of a family has been killed in the war in Iraq is 1 in 11. The odds that an Iraqi son has been exposed to a traumatic event in the past 2 years are 1 in 2 – and then of course, there’s whole parts of Iraq which are now no longer habitable due to irradiated ammo. It’s hard to imagine how any of this could be considered for the greater good of Iraqis.

The Economic Terror Done By The Federal Reserve

Just looking at the War On Terror and the War On Drugs is obvious that both of these are a war on freedom, liberty, and the life of innocent individuals. In order to pay for this bloodshed, though, you need a financial backing – you need a central bank. Ron Paul: “Since the creation of the Federal Reserve, middle and working-class Americans have been victimized by a boom-and-bust monetary policy. In addition, most Americans have suffered a steadily eroding purchasing power because of the Federal Reserve’s inflationary policies. This represents a real, if hidden, tax imposed on the American people. From the Great Depression, to the stagflation of the seventies, to the burst of the dotcom bubble last year, every economic downturn suffered by the country over the last 80 years can be traced to Federal Reserve policy. The Fed has followed a consistent  policy of flooding the economy with easy money, leading to a misallocation of resources and an artificial “boom” followed by a recession or depression when the Fed-created  bubble bursts. Without a central bank that’s so willing to print money that doesn’t exist, are you capable of a debt based system which allows for the removal of any financial responsibility in the present. This lack of financial responsibility allows for the purchasing of men and machines which destroy the world and paint cities red with blood. When the United States government was/is in trillions of dollars in debt, the Fed still managed to “bail out” friends just a couple years back. The following list is taken directly from page 131 of a GAO audit report, and it shows which banks received secret loans from the Fed. Let’s take a look at the breakdown
: Citigroup – $2.513 trillion
Morgan Stanley – $2.041 trillion
Merrill Lynch – $1.949 trillion
Bank of America – $1.344 trillion
Barclays PLC – $868 billion
Bear Sterns – $853 billion
Goldman Sachs – $814 billion
Royal Bank of Scotland – $541 billion
JP Morgan Chase – $391 billion
Deutsche Bank – $354 billion UBS – $287 billion
Credit Suisse – $262 billion
Lehman Brothers – $183 billion
Bank of Scotland – $181 billion
BNP Paribas – $175 billion
Wells Fargo – $159 billion Dexia – $159 billion
Wachovia – $142 billion
Dresdner Bank – $135 billion
Societe Generale – $124 billion
All Other Borrowers” – $2.639 trillion

With the help of the Federal Reserve, the USA is selling our children’s future to the highest bidder by enslaving them in debt. With all of these facts presented, it is obvious that abroad and domestically, and in the past, present, and future, the USA is the ultimate terrorist state.

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