Carlos Morales is a former Child Protective Services Investigator, a child rights advocate, and the host of the Truth Over Comfort Podcast. He’s spoken at a host of liberty and family oriented events regarding the dangers of the State, Child Protective Services, and Dogma.His website can be found here

I am not a slave: Why I’m Not Begging The State For Reform
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The shackles of modernity are not centralized in the buildings of bureaucrats, think-tank’s, politicians, or state representatives. They are not set simply by the codification/laws and justification by central planners in DC. The power of the US dictatorship is not in the hands of the dictators or politicians – for the political pundit is yelling into an audience of none if it were not for the volitional slaves to state power. It is not a vote casted by the many that leads to freedom, nor a well-crafted political campaign – it is the individual choosing to separate their fear of the many, and replace it with the love of a potential future that is free from coercive paternalism. Until this future, though, it is up to the individual to mold the little amount of control in the chaos into a diamond rather than frustrated coal. In my battle against one of the State’s mechanisms – Child Protective Services – I’ve chosen to fight for individuals rather than dig myself into a misanthropic hell by begging for reform. I am asked on a regular basis: “How will we change the agency for the better?”

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The problem is that the system does in fact benefit those who work in it, and the way that it becomes better for them is to clamp down and destroy more lives while milking them for more cash. The system was not set up to help those who are out of the system, for state controlled agencies exist outside of the ethical mechanisms of exchange; rather, they are parasitical in their nature. The State does not create wealth, but rather leaches off the work of the productive until there is nothing left to take; the money state workers make in the family court system is a redistribution of wealth through the threat of kidnapping (prison) in order to pay others to kidnap children from parents. To simplify, the state steals money (taxes) from parents in order to use that money to kidnap children from those very parents.  This is why reform is impossible, for the very nature of the system is unethical and based on the destruction of others. Gaining Hope A fair bit of hopelessness may come from this acknowledgement, but I find it as a form of mental empowerment –if we devote our lives to that which is outside of our control, we inevitably suffer. To battle that which we have no power over – while ignoring what power we do have- is to waste both our time and our lives. I teach people how to tame and move around the leviathan – known as the family court system and its soldiers known as child protective services – and I fight for the rights of children by suggesting peaceful means of fostering their ability to thrive in this world (peaceful parenting). Both our within our power, and aimlessly begging politicians to change is to hit your head against the wall for eternity while watching life walk around the barrier.

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I am not shamming those who work against the state through legislation, but simply offering a different way to go about change – which is to take control of your own life, protect and love your children in the best way you can, and attempt to find freedom through the relationships you have with people in your own life. I will help people fight courts if that time comes, but learning prevention through practice and peace through choices is what needs to be done. Teaching others in your community that calling State workers is antithetical to the safety of children, and empowering individuals to take matters into their own hands through understanding first, confrontation second, and community pressure third will do more to fight the system – for to undermine the system is to kill it. This is within your control – this is how you acknowledge that you are not a slave to any man, woman, or government.