Carlos Morales is a former Child Protective Services Investigator, a child rights advocate, and the author of Legally Kidnapped: The Case Against Child Protective Services.

My name is Carlos Morales and I was an investigator for Child Protective Services, and I’m guilty. I’m guilty of what many other American Citizens are guilty of, which is the belief that CPS has the child’s best interest in mind when it commits atrocity after atrocity. I’m guilty of working for an organization that has hampered freedom throughout the United States, and has caused millions of parents to live in fear. I’m guilty of working for an agency that has done more to carry out the war on drugs than the war against child abuse. I’m guilty of working for an agency that has kidnapped children, thrown them in to foster homes, and destroyed their lives. I’m guilty of working for CPS. Within CPS, I did not help children, I hurt. I did not protect families, I helped ruin them. I did not work to benefit society, instead I helped imprison it. Child Protective Services is an agency which damages and controls society from within, by allowing the State to take over the lives of children. As family judge Bryan Lindsey put, “There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly than our present Family Court System.”

The vile actions and justification for Child Protective Services and the State in general can be summarized in just one sentence: The inhumanity of humanity knows no bounds when systems are put in place which justifies their injustices. When examining the tyranny by those who’ve worked for the state, when exposing the evils of institutionalized dogmas, when grasping the absurdity of social welfare through collective imprisonment, appeasers of authority will assert that those working within the government are “just doing their job.” No doubt this is true, and a certain part of me believed that while I was a foot soldier for the kidnapping agency, Child Protective Services. When I began working for the agency I had the highest of hopes, I believed I was working for the “best interest of the child.” Now that term haunts me, for all those that speak for the “best interest of the child” – whether that be the police, politicians, pundits, propagandists, abusive parents, and public school teachers – are the least likely to ask the child what they actually want in their life. This is the coercive paternalistic nature of the State, and is at the core of central planners that are innately tyrannical with their progressive tirades that are backed by the threat of guns/force/jail.

Not a day goes by without a pronouncement by those who seek to control through suggestion first and force second, that they have discovered what will solve societies complex issues – know this now, any government regulation/law is a testament to the age old belief that “might makes right.” That might, at its core, is rotten but still those who march off to war against others through the belief in a State refuse to see the gun in the room and the blood on the floor. They’re all standing in blood while bickering about who’s going to get to hold the gun next.

While we bicker about topics and externalities that are mere contradictory abstractions that blur the light of reason, a fair bit of individuals go out and simply “do their jobs.” They’re the cops who arrest and destroy the lives of individuals, whose crimes were without a victim, they are the drone operators who turn bodies into red debris, whose lives were not centered on the destruction of others, and they are the CPS workers who thrust children into abusive foster homes, whose parents were without fault. The blood that the innocent have shed is rendered meaningless by the obedient public which makes excuses for the executioners: “They may have done wrong, but they were simply taking orders.”

This is the callous apprehension towards moral culpability that hinders progress towards peace, and pushes us further into never-ending war and conflict. Excusing tyranny is the must tyrannical action that can be done, for it gives free reign to the bringers of death to stomp over the lives of innocent individuals. An empathetic understanding towards the plight of those who became the soldier, cop, cps worker, etc. is absolutely important, but that empathy can become a weapon when it prevents us from calling a murderer a murderer, a kidnapper a kidnapper, and a thief a thief.

While working for child protective services, I was at odds with my morality – for to act moral would be antithetical to the very nature of the agency. The nature of CPS and the nature of the State are innately parasitical, for rather than create they steal and hinder creativity; rather than progress society forward through open dialogue and non-violent means, they close any dialogue with the most violent of means. Instead of empathetic understanding they provide the world with cages for anyone codified as socially undesirable. Instead of understanding the roots of injustice they perpetuate injustices while swinging at the branches and ignoring the root of all evil.

My previous work in the State is not something that should be forgiven and I will not ask forgiveness of those that I wronged while working for CPS – instead, I attempt with every breath I take to head a warning to any man, women, or child that is ever put in a position to have to deal with them. For a time I was an arm for the state, and now I seek to be a hand to help those who are victims of the state. My guilt is never-ending, and the PTSD that I have suffered from working for the agency is nothing compared to the fear and anguish by parents and children that were victims of the agency. To those who are still working for the system, I beg that you leave now before you hurt another innocent person. I beg those reading this that you work to expose the tyranny that is the State.

The inhumanity of humanity knows no bounds when systems are put in place which justifies their injustices. The key to the salvation of humanity is by embracing truth, and to do that we cannot justify evil in the name of good social tact, pseudo-empathy, irrational intellectualism, and a fear of ostracism. The truth is that I was not working in the best interest of the child while working for Child Protective Services, I was working in the best interest of the State, and I was working for the best interest of tyranny. It was in their interest to ruin the lives of others through the manipulation and kidnapping of children for profit – they turned children into a product that they would sell for cash. Their existence and my actions were justified continuously by every man and woman who stated that the State knew what was in the best interest of the child. The blood is on their hands, and the blood is on my hands. We can never wash it away, but we can help heal wounds and stop it at the core when we no longer justify the necessity of evil. That evil is the belief that violence can be used to help solve social issue – that evil is the belief in a state. order cheap online levitra

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